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Asobo Gregory Chefor "Greg" - Customs and Excise Consultant

cheforGreg is an authority on Cameroonian and CEMAC Customs and Excise laws and Procedure.

He is an external consultant of JING & Partners, advising our corporate clients on customs and excise procedure as well as general matters inclusive but not limited to temporal importations facilities, customs clearing rules, customs valuation, customs risk analysis, legal methods of negotiating and reduction of customs penalties as well as general advice in event of customs litigation under the Cameroon and CEMAC customs code.

Greg has more than two decades of working experience in the Cameroon Customs Administration and has, between 1982 and 2002, worked in the Customs Administration in a majority of the ten provinces of Cameroon.

Greg is widely read and has attended training sessions and organized seminars on topics dealing with the harmonization and classification of goods, the handling of commercial and Technical investigations (1994) Management of Human Resources (2001), the African Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA in collaboration with United States Customs) (2002), the measuring of Performance in Management in collaboration with IIREC France (2002).


Diplôme de L'ENAM – Inspector of Financial Services (Option Customs)


LL.B (Public Law, University of Yaoundé)


Professional Career:

Douala Port 11 – Customs Inspector


Assistant Chief of Sector, Limbe, South West Province


Brigade Enquiries at Customs Headquarters, Douala


Assistant Chief of Sector of Extreme North (Maroua)


Assistant Chief of Sector of Extreme North (Maroua)


Assistant Chief of Sector of Littoral Province


Assistant Inspector of Customs Headquarters


Chief of Principal Customs house in charge of Exports Douala


Chief of Sector, Customs North West Province (Bamenda)


Chief of Internal Affairs Division, Customs Headquarters of Cameroon






Email: gasobo@jingpartners.com

Specialty Areas:

  • Temporal Importations Facilities
  • Customs Clearing Rules
  • Customs Valuation
  • Customs Risk Analysis
  • Legal Methods of Negotiating
  • Reduction of Customs Penalties

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